It’s About Time – New Website

Nov 07, 2018 • Web

Getting Started

I remember meeting with a fellow agency owner back when we first opened our doors who said “you are your own worst client”. It wasn’t until we had been open for a year, when I finally realized how right he was. We started the design of our brand prior to opening, but when it came to our website, we ran into the problem where we would always put it to the back-burner. Client work always took precedence. It was almost like we were procrastinating (we weren’t - we were actually quite busy!).

"So you do web design… but you don’t have a website…?”

We got used to having ironic conversations that asked where our website was. We also got comfortable with word-of-mouth marketing (don’t get me wrong, this works great!) but the fact was: we needed a website. We’d put it on our agenda, but then a big new project would come in, and back to the closet it went.

Time to Hustle

On October 16th, we rolled up our sleeves, stocked up on snacks, told our loved ones we wouldn’t see them for a while, and got to work. We had actually done a lot of design work prior to this, but nothing final.

During a 2 week sprint, we finished our design, wrote new content, created great case-studies, tested cool new animation techniques, finalized the site, and went into a coma afterwards. Our site was launched.

It’s a few days after launch, and we feel complete. I’m not shy to talk about who we are and what we do… we’ve got some amazing clients, an unbelievable team, and finally, a website.

A huge thank you to the hard work put in from our team, to the clients who have chosen us over a sea of others, and to our friends, colleagues and family for all the support. We’re approaching the 2-year mark of being in business, and we’re not stopping any time soon.

Now we just need to up our game on Social…