SAVIAN Recognized as a 2019 Leading Agency on Clutch!

Feb 04, 2019 • Web

Savian Recognized as a 2019 Leading Agency on Clutch!


With a diverse background in strategy, animation, branding, design and web development- our team here at Savian brings a multitude of experience to each and every project.  We are passionate individuals that bring this fire to each and every project that we take part in and we have become an award-winning agency since we launched in 2017.  We are continuing to grow and provide unique services to our clients by communicating and implementing strategy that cuts through the noise and reaches target audiences. Storytelling is the new go to technique, full of potential and unique nuances – and what Savian happens to specialize in.


With that said, we are very proud to announce that Clutch has named us 2019 Clutch Leader in the creative and design category. To be featured here, we had to have a strong market presence, work portfolio, and creative and design focus. On the latter criteria, Savian is positioned among the top web designers in Canada and UX designers in Edmonton on the platform.


This is an honor that reflects on our team’s passion and innovative methods. We would like to extend our gratitude to Clutch and our clients, especially, for granting us this exclusive award.  Clutch is a B2B service provider and reviews platform that helps businesses find other firms that can provide solutions to their business problems. As a young company, Clutch has been a key partner in gathering reviews from our clients and boosting our online presence as a brand.


Take a look here at our Clutch Profile to hear from some of our previous and current clients.


Not only have we established a strong presence on Clutch, but we are also listed among the leading branding agencies  by their sister site, The Manifest.  Our feature on this site will help us get discovered by firms navigating the buyer’s journey.  It’s not always easy for firms to find the solutions they are looking for amidst all the distractions online, which makes sites like The Manifest and Visual Objects so valuable. Curated lists of top agencies around the world help buyers efficiently identify the best partner for their ambitious business goals. We hope our presence on these sites convince partners that you can rely on Savian to live up to this standard of excellence.


Overall, we’re very excited to continue working with Clutch and our team is very appreciative of the recognition we have received by being named a Creative & Design Leader. We’re intent on building even more bold and effective strategies in 2019.