Digital Alberta Ember Award - Black and White - For Web Design and Animation project: KidClot

An award winning studio in Edmonton.

It’s true. We have awards, happy clients, and fantastic staff to back it up. We take the time to communicate with our clients, to educate them, and to create amazing things.

Visual Communication + Online Strategies

  • Branding
  • Video Production
  • Web Design
  • Product Design
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Strategy
  • Illustration
  • SEO

We offer a wide selection of core services to write home about… We believe in coordinated planning and strategic results. We have experienced strategists, passionate designers, meticulous programmers and outstanding animators.

Devon Bortscher - Managing Director and Marketing Strategist - SAVIAN

Devon Bortscher / Managing Director

Devon is an experienced strategist, marketing expert and all-around nice guy… except that we just realized we were describing someone else. Devon is the founder of SAVIAN. We don’t really know what he does around here, so let’s just assume he’s nice to have around.

Camryn Boechler - Design Director, Web Designer, Illustrator - SAVIAN

Camryn Boechler / Design Director

Cam can be heard from space. We know when he’s nearby just by the sheer sound of loud uproarious noises. He’s not a very good ninja, but he is great at design, illustration, and sleeping. Cam has an understanding of design like no one else, and has been known to draw in his sleep.

Jace Boechler - Illustrator, Designer - SAVIAN

Jace Boechler / Illustrator

Jace is a great person to talk to. He also likes to talk… A lot. We’ve created policies and procedures on how to handle conversation so as to not disrupt the workflows within a 100m radius of where Jace is situated at all times. He’s also super talented at illustration. While he can’t draw in his sleep, he’s quite adept at drawing while talking. Oh, and he’s also developing a game on the side, ‘Little Hellions’, which is set to come out… some time! We’ll let you know.

Chad Calapre, Lead Developer at SAVIAN

Chad Calapre / Programmer

Chad is an all around awesome person. He is also a developer. We couldn’t think of anything to make fun of about him which makes us wonder… could he be a robot? As of now we’re not sure, but we do know he’s exceptionally good at what he does. To quote him…. “Beep beep bop… 100010101110101010“.

Andrew Hlushak - Animator, Videographer, Video Editor - SAVIAN

Andrew Hlushak / Animator

If there is a ticket to be won, a giveaway to claim, a celebrity to meet backstage, or some kind of small lottery to win, Andrew is the person winning all of the above. We’re not sure what he did in a past life to be so lucky, but it’s definitely paying off. Andrew is an animator, video editor, and videographer. His charisma can be seen through concrete walls and his skills with After Effects have been written about by scholars across the globe.


Wilson / Best Friend

We’re just glad to have our Wilson…