The Alberta Retired Teachers' Association

ARTA is a province-wide organization that offers social activities to its members, advocacy, health and wellness information/activities, scholarships, travel plans/deals and a comprehensive benefits program. ARTA has grown tremendously over the years, with over 20,000 members across education, public and private sectors.

ARTA was in need of a new website and information architecture design that could make it easier for users to find pages within an ever-growing website. In addition, ARTA was in need of a summary video to explain it’s position, goals, and offerings for members.

The Challenge

ARTA members are unique, punctual and love to be social. Because members are part of an older age group, building a website tailored to them is a challenge. ARTA needed a web solution that would enable content to be friendly to those who are color-blind, have poor vision, and those who are used to more traditional methods of understanding content. In addition, ARTA needed a way to better promote their core values through a better use of content organization and branding.

The Solution

Our team came in to provide insight into user actions by reviewing the website data and analytics. We paired this data with ARTA’s goals to create a new navigation and organization of content and pages.


We redefined the colour usage to meet their new brand guide, and to ensure people with disability still have access to the content they need. In addition, we built a solid foundation that looks amazing across all devices, is easy to navigate, and fast to load.

Mobile design mockup of ARTA website by SAVIAN