An animated educational learning system

KidClot is a program at the Stollery Children’s’ Hospital aimed at providing children, adolescents and young adults who are at risk for blood clots, active health management and education strategies to improve the safety and quality of their lives. KidClot hired SAVIAN to create an animated series of videos to education patients about anticoagulants, including their use and management.

The Challenge

Conventional INR management and anticoagulant training is a time-consuming process that requires more in-person training from nurses that is becoming harder to get. In addition, the training materials were linear – not engaging, and hard to understand in a short time. Patients had a hard time grasping concepts without further questioning their nurse practitioner.

The Solution

To reduce some of the time spent on educating in person, we worked with KidClot to create a new brand, website and educational series that was funny and engaging through the use of animation and creative storytelling.

We created character profiles, wrote the scripts, illustrated, animated and worked with a recording studio in Montreal to handle the auditions and actors used to voice Henry and the Narrator, the two characters used in the series.

The Results

Since the launch of the animated series, KidClot has gained international attention, with hospitals and clinics around the world waiting to adopt the program. The series is currently undergoing a study, which has so far exceeded all expectations, garnering near perfect scores on all aspects of the study.

Creative and efficient, SAVIAN achieved project goals and did so in accordance with established deadlines. They produced exciting videos that capture audience attention despite the dry nature of the source material. They’re responsive and make accommodations to deliver a successful project.

Mary Bauman