Committed to Clean Sport and Lifestyle

Jeff Krushell works with some of the best athletes on the planet, and wanted to develop a series of products, from e-books, to a new product line, KP Sport, aimed at giving athletes exactly what they need in training and on the field. The Krush team developed “Whats Your Game?” , a high-performance sport-specific mix.

The Challenge

Developing key messaging and labels in this industry is a daunting task. Policed by strict FDA rules, designing a label with all the required information was nearly impossible. In addition, working with Amazon to meet yet another set of limitations and requirements was another challenge to overcome.

The Solution

A Bold New Brand.

Up against some big competition, we decided to produce a brand that’s big and bold in the sport industry. We developed a label that met and exceeded all FDA and NSF requirements, and delivered a website to match.

Jeff's first e-book.

Although part of a longer-term project, Krush tasked us with designing a branded book meant for deployment as an e-book and softcover. We created an eye-catching cover that has stood the test of time on Amazon.