Throw No More

Throw No More is a company focused on reducing global food waste. Over the last few years they developed an App that integrates with grocery stores and provides a channel for users to get food at a reduced price instead of throwing it out.

Throw No More Website Development App Photo in store

Throw No More was in need of business consultation, design and launch strategies to ensure the successful partnerships with retailers could be established, and that the infrastructure was in place to launch the platform.

The Challenge

Because of the scale of the launch, Throw No More needed a mass launch campaign grounded on a stable and scalable infrastructure. In addition, Throw No More needed convincing materials to attract retailers to their ecosystem.

The Solution

Our team came in hot, providing detailed consultation, design and launch strategies. We designed an internationally scalable website along with a fresh new branded look to entice retailers to join the program.


We designed a a fresh mobile site with a simple yet effective navigation. We came up with our own illustrative style to help explain how the app works.