Lost In cyber-space?

TRINUS has your back. Providing IT services to businesses, medical clinics and municipalities, these guys truly go the extra mile to make sure your organization runs with minimal risk. With a focus on knowledge, experience and personality, TRINUS is a group you won’t forget.

Illustrated drawing of an IT tech outside saying "Hey There" - SAVIAN - Illustrators in Edmonton

The Challenge

TRINUS was in need of a way to capture their personality, and present their information in a more uniform and concise way online. They needed a solution that would open their doors to bigger and better marketing campaigns both in the short-term and long-term.

The Solution

Part of our solution was to design, develop and engage web and digital strategies that would capture peoples attention, while providing useful information.

Comic-style animation.

A second part involved creating animated videos that are both funny, comic-styled, and relate able. We scripted, sketched, story-boarded and animated four short videos that represent their core services.

Each video showcases a “Good Idea… Bad Idea…” situation, where had the person/company been using a TRINUS service, a catastrophe could have been avoided.

SAVIAN have been absolutely nothing short of spectacularly astounding for us. They never cease to amaze our team with their unlimited, bold creativity, which is both eye-popping and catching, as well as boundary-breaking. If you are looking for a fully-committed and unique outfit to design your website, produce Animated ads, handle your media publicity, and take you to not only the next level, but the very top of the ladder from a visual Communications’ perspective, seek no further; SAVIAN is the best gig in the Edmonton region. Directors Devon & Brock are valiantly going places where no Creative Directors have ever dared to go before… make sure to hitch a ride with them for a joyride into intergalactic Marketing Media bliss!!

Chris Penn